Tips For Safe Material For Your Interior Design

Arranging your home is very important because a good look will always be appreciated by someone else when coming to your home. But there is another thing need to be considered related to the planning of your interior design. You have to concern about the material you are going to use, a hazardous material is not good for children because they are 30 times more vulnerable than adult.

First, you have to be aware when you just have already painted your home or if there is any finishing furniture in your home. You shouldn’t inhabit there for about 6 to 12 months. The reason is the paint and chemical used to finish the furniture contains formaldehyde which is a dangerous gas.

Nowadays, there is technology that created some ingredients underlying water for the finishing. This is eco friendly technology that you can use without any worry because the chemical contains only a little dangerous gas which is difficult to be evaporated. Usually that friendly chemical comes natural without any process involving dangerous liquids.

The third step to make sure the home are safe, you have to use friendly material for the building. You can use natural stone, clay, brick, bamboo, metal, glass, or paper. Those materials can be found easily and you can add sense of creativity by using them.

There are also some materials you have to avoid from being used in your interior design because it’s potential of danger. First materials are wooden materials, usually include in the interior design living room that for the finishing involves melamine which is a urea formaldehyde. It can cause any problem to your eyes, allergy skin and mucous membrane disorder.

If you hire a designer for your home, it would be a warranty that your home is safe. The reason is designer masters in environmental psychology as it is one discipline that they have learned. But if you have enough money to hire them, you should pay attention to those tips for the safety of your family.

Source by Brian Hennington

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