The Typical Railing Spindle Mismatch

The design of a staircase makes or breaks the image of the owner in the society he belongs to. This is the reason why home owners often seek the help of interior design experts to create for them a unique and attractive staircase that would not only be functional and comfortable to use, but also something that would speak of their personalities as a whole.

Here are some of the considerations that home makers should remember and put into application if they want a decent looking interior design:

Remember that the actual railing should complement the railing spindle. For one thing, the profile of the railing should complement that of the railing spindle. There are a lot of profiles and styles to the railing that are either stiff-looking, curved, straight-forward or chic. Conversely, the spindle should accentuate the same elegance as that of the chosen design for the railing.

Beyond the actual design and profiles of these materials, ensure that the overall theme isn’t compromised. If you’re designing for your office staircase leading to a second floor library or room, a straight-forward and bold design is usually needed. In this, it is recommended that “A” or “B” railing profile be used along with a set of railing spindle that doesn’t have much intricate design on them. The less complicated design your railing spindle has, the more it’ll look straight-forward.

For the staircase that usually leads up to the second floor of your home, be wary about the design already in place. If you have a modern and chic looking interior, usually the railing profile should be curved well to give it that inviting look to visitors that see it. T

he same is true for the railing balusters. The trick in order to know how each other will match better is with the extent of the curves of the railing. If the railing has a large curve to it, the railing baluster shouldn’t be as curvy to balance each other out.

Not all the time do the materials mix with each other. So for everyone who wants to invest in a home, know what blends with each other. Usually, if you have hard wood floors, a metallic railing and wooden railing spindle would be a disaster. Flip it around!

It’s arguably more appealing if you have smooth, hard wood railing for the staircase that’s encased a sturdy and shiny looking metallic railing spindle. Beware if you plan for future changes in the staircase design because instant problems can come arise.

Source by Shawn B Capell

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