The Benefits of a Quality Padded Folding Chair in the Home

A commercial folding chair has many uses and typically has a very utilitarian look. The most common storable chair is found in institutional, school and business environments and is made of metal or vinyl with or without padding. The hard-working, yet humble folding chair, has made a transformation and has transitioned into the home to enhance the existing decor with plush padding and beautiful hardwood finishes. This article will focus on the selection, uses, quality and value of the folding chair in the home. By the end of this article you will have ideas on how to incorporate the folding padded chair into your home.

If you’re looking for additional seating or redecorating or simply want a new look at minimum cost, consider the many options the padded folding chair has to offer. For the ultimate compliment to existing furniture found in your home, padded chairs comes in a large selection of furniture decors: French, Chippendale, Mission, Queen Anne, Music Back, Lattice, Contemporary, Retro and Shaker, just to name a few. All of these styles are available with padding on both the seat and back, or just seat the alone. Made from solid hardwoods, the most popular finishes are Cherry and Oak. There are many choices of fabrics and colors and patterns to choose from, including vinyl.

You can use these chairs even for formal dinners in the dining room, in the kitchen for a more casual setting, or in your recreation room when entertaining guests. When not in use, you have the convenience of storing it in an out of the way place. Most padded folding chairs fold to only seven inches deep.

To ensure you purchase the highest quality padded chair, look for chairs with wood that has been dried to the proper moisture level for the North American climate. Also look for manufacturers who not only produce high quality products, but use environmentally friendly processes and use products from managed sustainable forests.

A good-quality, well-made padded folding chair will serve you well in many ways in your home – by adding to your existing decor, giving your home a fresh face, or for additional seating when needed. Padded folding chairs can be purchased online or through the manufacturer’s retail outlets. These types of chairs usually come in sets of two and average $140 to $200 per set.

Source by Steve Olbas

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