Match Table Runners With Vases

There are several ways of creating a beautiful dining room. To start with, a comfortable atmosphere makes mealtimes enjoyable and the décor goes a long way in achieving this. The most important feature of a dining room is probably the dining table and no amount is too much in order to get a very good set (within limits of course). However, there are other ways of improving or complementing the look and feel of the dining room and one of these is with table runners.

A table runner together with a table cloth plays a far more important than you think. It’s in the absence of these accessories that you realize the level of importance. A dining table without them usually looks like a man without clothes! Whilst it’s not compulsory to use them, it’s highly recommended to get a couple of them to use in the home. They make the perfect accessories for dining sets.

Still talking about creating an agreeable atmosphere in the dining room, there are other features that can enhance the effect of table runners on a dining set. A good one is the use of matching vases or more appropriately, flower vases. The effect of flowers in the home really requires no explaining. There’s a natural freshness that cut flowers bring to any room where they are placed. It’s like bringing “nature” into the home. What better place to create such an effect than in a dining room?

To appropriately match table runners with flower vases, attention should be paid to the style and design of the runners. The color of the fabric should also be noted. All these features should be taken into consideration when selecting a vase to use. If the situation is the other way round and the vase is already available, the same consideration should be given to the selection of the runners. The flowers that will be used are also important in creating the perfect effect-they should blend or contrast beautifully.

Damask, red or satin table runners… these are just a few of the options available. There are several other styles, designs, colors and themes in which they can be found. The important thing is that the overall décor of the room or section should not be compromised in the choice of table runners, vases and flowers.

Source by Lydia-Clelia Stonewood

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