Lighthouse Decorating Is Beautiful Decorating

Lighthouse decorating in your home with lighthouse-patterned items and miniature lighthouses, will surely light up your humble abode. Whether you have just moved in to you brand new home or you just want to give your old house a facelift.

Lighthouse decorating should be on your hot list of home decors because they could really enhance the look of any of the rooms in your home. There are a slew of lighthouse-inspired decorations that are available on the market so you could always find the one that would suit your taste. You could choose to adorn your home with glass, beaded or wooden lighthouse figurines, lamps, candle holders and birdhouses that are beautifully and elegantly created. They are also highly collectible that you could perk up any rooms of your home with a tropical, beach, nautical and coastal theme.

So here are some lighthouse décor decorating ideas that you could try on your home:

The Living Room: This part of the house deserves the utmost consideration when it comes to lighthouse decorating since it is the first thing that your visitor sees. This is where guests are usually entertained as well so you would really want to make it elegant and impressive. And using lighthouse decors like lamps, figurines, lamp and candle holder would surely do the trick.

You can also embellish the front door or window with lighthouse windchime that does not just add to your home’s elegant touch but also gives out a relaxing and beautiful sound when the wind blows.

The Kitchen: Lighthouse napkin holder and salt and paper shakers are not just highly utilitarian but decorative as well. You could carefully line them up on your kitchen shelves for it to serve its useful and decorative purposes. Also, you could perk up those plain walls with a lighthouse wall clock that could contribute to the tropical or nautical feel.

The Bedroom: There are a number of lighthouse décor that you could use in your room. Lighthouse lamps, picture frames, candle holders, figurines and mirrors are just some of the lighthouse items that you could choose.

The Bathroom: Even this part of the house could have its pieces of decor. There are lighthouse-inspired bathroom accessories like toothbrush holder, soap dish and shower curtain that could give it the look that would impress guests. You could also move the lighthouse decorating up a notch by purchasing bath towels that would complement the design of your bathroom.

The Hallway: Lighthouse-themed mirrors will surely do the decorating trick.

Before you start decorating your home, you must remember though that these lighthouse-inspired décor works well with light- and plain-colored walls. So, light blue, white and off-white walls would surely bring out the colors of your lighthouse decorating as well. If you prefer to have dark-colored décor, however, it would be best to have darker walls as well.

Source by Debra Botting

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