Fluorescent Desk Lamp – Should You Replace it With a More Efficient Model?

Replace your fluorescent desk lamp with a newer more efficient model and you will be surprised how well you see. Desk lamps have come a long way since they first went fluorescent in the 1950’s. Gone are the buzzing, flickering tubes of yesteryear. Today’s fluorescent lights are quiet and steady. In the past fluorescent bulbs could take minutes to warm up and begin emitting light – now they turn on with the flick of a switch.

Desk lamps have become more compact over the years and fluorescent models are no exception, with many containing tiny 18watt bulbs that will give 6000 or more hours of light before needing replaced.

Although the technology for fluorescent light was first discovered over 100 years ago, scientists have been refining and perfecting it all along. One of the most notable changes of the past 20 years is the switch over to Compact Fluorescent Light-bulbs or CFLs. These bulbs are compact and efficient – each one containing the lighting power of 2 or even 3 incandescent bulbs and over 10 times the burning hours.

When you buy a fluorescent desk lamp that uses this new technology you will not only be assured of having a better desk lamp, you will be helping the environment as well. One other benefit of these new bulbs is how cool they remain, producing less heat by far than incandescent bulbs, and even less heat than older versions of the compact fluorescent bulb.

Because of the new smaller bulbs, the modern fluorescent desk lamp comes in a variety of sizes and shapes. There are lamps to fit any decor, sit comfortably on any desk, and provide the perfect amount or working light for computer work, writing or reading.

Many desk lamps are designed to look sleek and modern. Others are designed with a distinctly retro look. Some desk lamps will have goose necks or swing-arms that will allow you to twist them into any position that you might wish.

There is no excuse for holding on to your old fluorescent desk lamp. Say good bye to the slow starting, humming and buzzing flickering light of the past. Embrace the latest in compact fluorescent light technology with a new desk lamp that turns on instantly, is perfectly quiet, never over-heats and is good for the environment.

With a new light you will see better and be more productive at your desk. You will suffer less fatigue and you will have the satisfaction of an attractive new desk light.

Source by Monica O’Neil

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