Enhancing Your Room Decor Using Wall Murals

There is a remedy for rooms that make you claustrophobic. The antidote for cramped or windowless spaces is to paint a continuous landscape mural on every wall and the ceiling, to trick the eye into believing you are outside with lots of room to run in every direction. Perspective drawing of your favorite landscape is all you need to turn your room into a relaxing, beautiful environment.

Covering your wall with a beautiful detailed mural can be the key to any fantasy room. If you can bring it alive in your art, or if you can hire the right person to do that, you have the opportunity to bring your fantasy to life.

A wall mural is a way to bring the outdoors inside, using artistic inspiration. It does not have to be perfectly realistic, either. Letting the imagination run wild can be the key to some very interesting artistic creations which can inspire you and those who share the room with you.

A room mural is perfect for children, adults and elders. Teenagers and convalescents will find room murals to be especially helpful when they lack the mobility they crave. The mural gives them the feeling of being outside, roaming freely. Adventure landscapes spark children’s imaginations. Office workers can become more inventive and industrious when they are treated to inspiring views.

When choosing furniture for a room with picture painted walls, be sure to pick items that will enhance rather than cover or clash with the painted scenes. For instance: If your room is painted to look like a desert, then large embroidered pillows and low laying ottomans would give the decor the feel of a Bedouin tent. If your room is painted to look like rolling hills covered in vineyards, then using furniture you’d find in a winery garden would fit the scene.

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Source by Anne E. Moss

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