Console Tables – Ideal For Cleaning Up Clutter

In today’s home there never seems to be enough space to put stuff. If you think about it, it’s amazing how much more square footage today’s homes have, yet we seem to still be able to fill all that space up as soon as we get it. We are collectors by nature and it seems many believe that the more stuff they have the better they are going in the game of life.

The real trick, though, may be finding where to put all that stuff. Instead of plopping things on a chair or putting more things on an existing coffee or accent able consider adding console tables to your home. Console tables bump up nicely against a wall to add additional display space and storage room without adding a cluttered appearance to the living area.

You may be thinking you could just get an end table or an accent table to do the trick, but that is only if you have a little bit of stuff to put away. Console tables are quite a bit larger than accent tables or end tables, so they will offer a lot more storage space and help you keep your home looking clean and organized, despite all the things you know you have had to put away.

As you undertake the purchase of console tables to help with your storage problems, you need to make a note of what you need before you buy. How much storage do you really need console tables to provide? Do you have minor to moderate storage needs? You may want to look at tables that are more ornate but only have a little storage area, like one long drawer. But if you realize you have a lot of things you need to find a place to put away, you should look for more practical console tables with more drawers or shelving options you can use to get control of your clutter.

While many people only see console tables as pieces that would go in the living room, they can really be spread throughout the house to offer a number of storage opportunities. You could place one console table in the entryway, as a place to put away keys, the mail, or other small items you may regularly have as you walk in and out of the house. This would be a great place for a more ornate console table. It could have one drawer to put those little items out of the way, but the rest could be a beautiful piece of wrought iron or hand tooled wood that will put visitors in awe as soon as they step in the door.

Another great area for console tables is the den or family room. Console tables with two or three large drawers are a perfect place to store all those board games that the family will gather to play on game night.

When you need to get control of your stuff, console tables are going to be the friend you have been looking for.

Source by Jennifer Akre

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