Ceiling Fans Are a Huge Asset to Any Home’s Decor!

Most homes can benefit from some simple home improvements. Whether more energy efficiency is the goal or simply beautifying, home improvements are great. Summer is here and that typically means more guests (friends, family, census workers etc…). What we all want is our home to look its best when those invited or unexpected guests show up. One helpful idea is installing or replacing some ceiling fans. If you are a bit of a handyman then this may be an easy task. If you are not a handyman then you can do what many others do which is following the many instructional videos available online or hire someone to do it for you.

A ceiling fan can be quite an asset for any home. Most modern ceiling fans with lights are built to be energy efficient but much more than that the proper ceiling fan can increase the value of your home. Today there are more fan manufacturers than can be counted and with the innumerable manufacturers are the countless varieties in style and texture.

There truly is a fan for every home design. For modern homes, there are modern or contemporary ceiling fans. If your home is considered a more traditional one by design there are fans crafted specifically for you. For the modern day home one of the most interesting and ever increasing in its popularity is a horizontal ceiling fan by Matthews Fans. This fan has a dual 115 hp ball bearing motor with a lifetime warranty. It includes six mahogany blades with a 46″ diameter blade span with a 25 degree pitch for optimum air movement.

Another fan of particular interest is the Modern Fan ALT-BA 52 it is a contemporary energy star outdoor fan with brushed aluminum blades. With this fan you never have to be afraid to go out onto the patio again. This modern day gem has a 153 mm x 18 mm spinner motor, a lifetime warranty, 4 painted aluminum blades, a 52″ diameter blade span and a 12 degree blade pitch. This fan is perfect for any patio.

Whether you are looking for a modern, a rustic, industrial or a low profile ceiling fan, your home simply is not complete without such technology. It is time to dazzle your guests and let your home be the center piece of conversation. So while you are sitting in your living room reflecting on those special moments of the past or sitting on the patio planning for the future do it all under a strategically selected ceiling fan.

Source by Karla Zacarkim

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