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Whether you're shopping for the perfect gift for the home lover or you want to find some way to personalise your room while adding a little fun to the décor, personalized home décor items like photo blankets, photo cushions and photo boxes are a superb way of meeting your needs. These high quality items can be completely customized so that they include one, or even many, of your favorite photographs. If you're buying them as gifts then you can use any photograph or image that relates to the recipient or their home.

Whether you choose to add a personal or family photograph, or you want to add your own design to your furnishings, personalized home décor is an inexpensive and good looking way of furnishing a room. You really can let your imagination go wild – you could even create an entire range of items using similar designs and photographs while items like the unique photo cube naturally allow you to add a selection of photographs rather than one single photograph.

The photo blanket is a comfortable and safe blanket – you not only get to choose the photograph or design for the front but you also have the option to decide on the main color that is used. This color will be on the back of the blanket and will feature as the background color for parts of the front of the blanket. Small blankets are perfect for cots or for children, medium make great lap blankets for lounging in front of the television, and large blankets are perfect for any bed or even for traveling.

A photo cushion is the next logical step in personalized home décor. From pictures of the kids to pictures of the pets, you'll cherish a personalized photo cushion because of just how personal it is. The soft fabric and long lasting cushion material helps ensure that you can enjoy using the cushion as much as you'll enjoy looking at it.

A photo cube is a slightly different take on the photo cushion. Created from the same soft, comfortable material it is cube shaped allowing for the use of up to six different face designs. You can include pictures, photographs, and even text and you can decide on how each face should look. You could have a single picture printed across four of the faces with text on the top and bottom or you could have a different picture on every face.

Photo boxes make excellent storage boxes and provide a great means to keep rooms tidy and good looking. A photograph is printed on the lid of the box and wraps onto the sides so you get the effect of a single, continuous picture. Constructed before posting, the strong photo box can be used for any number of purposes from holding a special gift to being the perfect tidy box for use in the kid's bedroom, the play room, or even the living room. You could personalize every box with a picture of the person whose items it holds.

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