5 Tricks and Tips in Making Gel Candles

Gel candle are slowly gaining ground in the candle industry, all because its material is much preferred as compared to paraffin candles. The process of making gel candle is also easy to learn. In fact, you just have to consider the fundamentals and make few candle batches.

For beginners, gel candle appear as fun and unique items. Their distinct beauty keeps these gel candle apart from other candle items. Its rubbery form and gel-like texture makes it more special once lit. More so, even common housewives and lay men find these candles appealing.

For those who want to learn the steps in making gel candles, kindly refer to the following:

1. Melt the gel wax. In making gel candles, you have to equip yourself with the basic items. Use a glass measuring cup in melting the wax. Heat the gel for about one hour at 225 degrees. Be more consistent in determining actual temperature through the help of a candy thermometer. Patience is also a requirement since gel waxes melt slower as compared to paraffin.

2. Add fragrance. Choose different fragrance oils for variety. The usual ratio between fragrance and gel wax is approximately one half ounce of fragrance oil, per one pound of gel. Make suitable adjustments in terms of adding scents and fragrances. It is also imperative to add the scent first in making gel candles.

3. Proceed with the color. Various types of candle dye can be used. Choices include liquid and dye block. In adding your desired tint or hue, it is best to go for popular and refreshing colors such as green, blue and yellow. Be reminded that in making gel candles, what matters is creating an ensemble of great colors and you can always experiment by mixing and matching regular with secondary hues.

4. Embedding is probably a key element in gel candle making. These pertain to the most common yet beautiful accents that naturally add up to the value of the gel candle itself. Commonly used items are glitters, seashells, petals and wax embeds.

5. There are certain types of wicks especially made for gel candle. They come in either pre-tabbed or pre-waxed choices. First, you need to secure the wicks using a dab of hot gel, and then place them at the bottom of your candle containers.

Make sure that in making gel candles, you are prepared with all the essentials and basic items. Try to come up with a few pieces before producing massive amounts of candles. It is also best to try the susceptibility of gel wicks in relation to heat.

Source by Holly M Jordan

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