5 Interior Decorating Tips For Someone Who is on a Tight Budget

So, you have just moved into a new place, and you have paid all the expenses that go hand in hand with moving. You have taken care of the rent, the deposit, the insurance, the utilities, the movers, the cable, the internet, and all the other little things that you need to make your life run smoothly. Now, your wallet has little more left in it than dust and air. Your bank account is dry and empty, and you finally find yourself facing the most difficult part of moving into a new home: trying to afford to decorate it. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can go about furnishing and decorating your new home or apartment which cost little or nothing. Here are 5 interior decorating tips for someone who is on a budget:

1. Craigslist is the low budget decorator’s dream. I cannot stress enough how amazing this website is. What could be better than a place where people post ads for things that they want you to take for free! You can find everything from bed frames, to paintings, to statues, to grand pianos, if you look hard enough. In addition to all the quality free things you can find, you can also use Craigslist to locate garage sales, flea markets, and general sales in your area. When shopping for decorations on a tight budget, do not overlook this little gem. It will make your search that much easier.

2. Nothing is as stylish as a vintage piece of furniture that you restored yourself. Buy something that seems old and worn for a very cheap price, and then unlock that inner beauty that shone through once upon a time. Better yet, make it into something entirely new and amazing. It’s very simple and inexpensive to rip the old cover from an ottoman, replace the batting, and sew or staple on a new cover using the style and fabric of your choosing. Voila! You have been the instrument of an old, neglected piece of furniture’s reincarnation into something new and beautiful.

3. One of the most important interior decorating tips to remember is that there are countless things that you can do yourself to make your home look amazing. Have you seen a designer throw pillow that you think would look perfect on that couch you found at the garage sale last week? Buy a discount fabric of a similar design and sew it yourself. There are literally millions of online tutorials that show even the least crafty people how to make something themselves. Trust me when I say that building a great looking bookshelf really isn’t that difficult. Making your own decorations for your home will require time and effort, but you can make things for a fraction of what they would cost in stores.

4. They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. You can find some of the best things at garage sales, and you will almost always find them for very low prices. Even if the people selling are asking outside of your price range for a certain item, you can usually haggle them down to something you can both agree on. Remember that people wouldn’t be selling it if they didn’t want to get rid of it. That reclining chair that the wife insisted on getting rid of? If you don’t buy it, they will have to pay to take it to the dump. People would much rather sell it than pay to have it removed. The ball is in your court when it comes to garage sales.

5. Ask your friends and family if they are getting rid of any old decorations or pieces of furniture. You never know if someone has some really cool stuff sitting unused in their attic, just waiting for someone to come pick it up. Who knows? That old vanity that belonged to Uncle Pete’s first wife may just be the perfect piece to make your bedroom look amazing. The people you are close to will almost always be willing to help out, and as a general rule, friends and family won’t charge you money for their old stuff. Know someone with some artistic talent? Ask a friend to do a painting or an enlarged landscape photo to hang over your couch in the living room. If they’re any good, you will have a truly unique work of art that you can brag about to your dinner guests.

I hope this list of interior decorating tips has been helpful as you figure out how to decorate your home on a budget. As you can see, with a little bit of creativity and persistence, anything is possible.

Source by Katherine Alvarado

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