5 Benefits of Column Radiators

The column radiators are practical, easy to locate, lightweight and have a classic look. They offer a variety of benefits over other types and the option to install horizontal or vertical makes them extremely versatile when it comes to finding the best place to locate them in the home. Also, many of these radiators can have two or three columns which will increase the surface area for better heat distribution.

Here are a few of the most pleasing benefits of the column radiators:

Easily replace old radiators

The latest column radiators are able to maintain the retro look of the old style of radiator which makes it very easy to set-up the home with the latest hardware. Many of the latest radiators can make use of the previous pipe work to avoid the expense and inconvenience of changing the layout of the central heating system.

Practical for rooms with high ceilings

This style of radiator is a practical option for rooms with high ceilings or towering walls. The large surface area is useful to heat the biggest rooms, and the superior heat output and heat retention make them more efficient than alternative options, such as the standard panel radiator.

Horizontal and vertical designs

The column radiators are available in plenty of shapes and sizes to easily match the local decor or room surroundings. The radiators can range from the horizontal or shape-type unit that is bulky or wide or the vertical unit that is very slim and tall to easily fit in the most space limited areas. The wide-ranging style choices means there is a very high chance of being able to install this type of radiator in the home.

Go with designer options

In addition to the most basic radiator options, there are now plenty of designer options that look great in the modern home. This can include the radiator with a minimalist or a stylistic look in stainless steel or gleaming chrome. They can also be finished in bold and bright colors or the more traditional black or white paint finish.

Upgrade with extra features

A great extra feature to have on the radiator is the thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs) which has the ability to switch the unit on and off to control the room temperature. This feature is certain to help manage the heat in the home more efficiently and avoid wasting energy when a room is already at an accepted level of warmth.

Source by Leo Eigenberg

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